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Significant Life Changes

Life can come at you quickly and when this impacts significantly on your finances and the management of your money it can be a disturbing and overwhelming time for some.

The windfall of a sum of money far greater than you are used to may be a great bonus but can also bring a new pressure of how to ensure it is put to best use, not wasted and truly makes a difference to your life.

Significant life changes can also mean a time of great vulnerability, the loss of a loved one or a divorce may mean that you are left with the sole responsibility for your finances for the first time. It is essential to receive advice through this process to make sensible considered decisions and understand your financial position going forwards.

Planning for life after a bereavement can make sure of a smooth and structured transition of assets to limit disruption at a distressing time, passing wealth to the right people and down the generations in accordance with the wishes of you and your loved ones.