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Family & Business Protection

Whether it’s the payment of a lump sum or a regular income, benefits from protection policies play an important part in ensuring you and your family have enough resources to maintain quality of life should you suffer a major life event, such as losing your job, suffering an illness or injury or even death.

You will of course insure your car, your home, your pets and even your mobile phone but, often, making provision for the loss of a family member or the income you may lose as a result of ill health is forgotten. 

Most people with families would want to ensure that they are financially secure should anything unfortunate happen to a parent and cover can be put in place whether as a lump sum or regular income to protect against death or the diagnosis of a critical illness. 

For companies and business owners this range of options can extend to protecting Shareholders, Partners, Directors and Key Personnel. The serious illness or death of a key person can be just a critical to a business as to a family and protection can be put in place to ensure that business returns to as usual as possible as quickly as possible.

As our lives evolve so do our needs and circumstances.  Whether you are a business owner, retiree or have a young family, our ongoing service and support aims to continually review what you have in place, to ensure that the protection polices you hold are relevant and sufficient for your needs.