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Cash Flow Modelling

Cash flow forecasting helps you to see the bigger picture of your finances. It helps to tie together your assets, investments, debts, income and expenditure to give a comprehensive view of your current position and by projecting forward, can give a year-by-year view of where your finances are heading.

A key component of the construction of your financial plan are your objectives, your life goals and bucket list targets to plot a course towards the life you want to live. By modelling your cash inflows and outflows with the growth of your assets through a range of what-if scenarios we can help you see what your financial future might look like.

This isn’t just about crystal ball gazing to give you potential fund values out of context to your other circumstances though. By regularly reviewing your cash flow model we can show that you are on target to meet your aims and where the strategy might need to be tweaked along the way to get you back on track.

Good financial planning is about ensuring you get to the final destination not just a continued focus on your current position and by forecasting the future of your finances through specialist software, we can create a bespoke model which can answer some significant questions and help guide future decisions.

A cash flow model is only as good as the information available which is why we take the time and care to fully understand our client’s needs and we make sure that we are kept updated about inevitable changes to a client’s circumstances and can review and update the model accordingly.

We are then able to deliver this to you live on screen which enables us to quickly alter various features to build new scenarios, tailored to your needs or objectives. Cash flow modelling provides a simple, visual representation of your financial position and, by regularly updating this to reflect any changes in your circumstances, we can ensure you remain on track to meet your objectives.