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At Retirement

Your finances will come into sharpest focus when you come to rely on them more heavily after you’ve stop earning your income and need your accumulated wealth to generate it for the rest of your life. It is the most critical time for your finances to be in the right position.

Typical clients at this stage of their life can find themselves with a number of different types of pension plans from various providers and sporadically accumulated with no congruent thread to their investment. We can provide clarity and stability when you need it most allaying concerns about poor performing or high charging contracts and making sure that your pension fund is in the right environment to be able to support you through your retirement.

Drawing down on your pension funds can be even more complex ensuring that your retirement income is tailored to meet your requirements and structured tax efficiently to make the most of what you have worked hard to accrue.

Deferring or phasing income from your income portfolio can use your pension for other needs, accessing capital lump sums to repay a mortgage for example or maintaining the fund to pass your wealth down the generations, shielding your estate from Inheritance Tax.
We can help our clients address their concerns evaluating their circumstances to give you confidence in how your pensions can be used to meet a number of different objectives.