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Approaching Retirement

Having worked hard to put yourself in a secure financial position your next thoughts surround when you may be able to slow down or stop work entirely. How much is enough to support the lifestyle in retirement you’ve been looking forward to or how can you make what pension and savings you have managed to accumulate, work best for you to give you security in your later years.

You may need to continue to support your children financially, wanting to give them the best start on their way to financial independence. Knowing how to structure the wealth that you have accumulated in the best way for you to pass it in or access it tax efficiently can give you long term confidence in your future.

At this point you may begin to address your finances having otherwise accumulated your assets in a somewhat haphazard fashion, a number of pension plans from previous employers and various investments or savings plans which may not have a joined-up plan or managed investment strategy focussed on your personal requirements.

A tailored financial plan can include comprehensive analysis of your circumstances with cashflow forecasting to project your potential income and match it to your requirements to give you a clear vision of your future and how your wealth can be structured in readiness for you to draw on it.

We can help to identify the right pensions and investment products to position your savings and ensure maximum growth whilst managing the risk as you move closer to big life changes.

A continuous assessment of your circumstances also enables your estate to be dealt with tax efficiently in accordance with your wishes for the benefit of your loved ones, whilst still being able to support them when they need you.